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So, I was getting bored of my previous profile page and decided to mix it up a bit, everyone good with that? :bucktooth:

I'm pretty sure it's obvious that I like manipping ( my couples: Daryl&Carol = because fuck yes. And Sheldon&Penny.) so I figure they're kinda self explanatory now unless you have a question you'd like answered (which I don't mind answering at all - just post below and I'll reply, I promise.)

But I've been getting a lot of questionnaires sent to me to give ten facts about myself so I thought it'd be fun to do one here instead in place of a profile. :)

Here we go:

1) I find it extremely difficult to motivate myself if I am not in love with whatever it is I’m doing. But if I am, watch the fuck out. :XD:

2) It takes me half an hour to buy a card for someone (Birthday, Christmas or otherwise.) The reason for that is because I refuse to buy one that doesn’t reflect my personality. And it MUST be my sense of humour so I end up reading every single one in the store until I can find the exact right one for the person for whom it is being given. Lol. Moral of the story: don’t go card shopping with me. Haha.

3) Somewhat contradictory to 2, I do not like shopping for clothes or shoes. When I go into a clothing store, it literally takes me 3 minutes to circle the store, if nothing catches my eye in the 3 minutes, I leave. xD I think this is because I have an image in my head of what I want. If something in the store does not match that, I don’t want it. Yes, my life is a difficult one. Haha.

4) I have two tattoos; one on my forearm, one on my back.

5) I’m a minimalist. Meaning I don’t like a lot of clutter in my space. But sometimes I’ve gone too far and have found that the lack of furniture can leave an echo in the room. lmao.

6) I can’t watch any movies that feature an animal. I will bawl my eyes out without a doubt.

7) I don’t sleep with a pillow. They annoy me.

8) I can’t have music on in the background if I am trying to do something productive. The reason being – to me, music is the single best thing to ever grace the planet so when a song is playing, I end up going off into the world of the song for the 3-4 minutes and find it hard to concentrate until the song finishes.

9) I can’t dance.

10) I am a night owl. But not necessarily in the sense that I’m out partying all night, more that I just find that I like to do things when the world is dark. And I also kinda love the quiet that comes along with that.

Ok that’s 10. :D (I don’t blame you if you back away from me slowly now. ;P )

Where to find more of my weird:

Tumblr: oohhshiny.
Twitter: @oohhshiny

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Marvsamune Mar 25, 2014  Professional Artist
you are a just f genious!!!!!
:blush: Not reallyyyyy but thank you so much for the compliment. :glomp:
LyzzTheLioness Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're pictures of Darryl (?) And Carol are simply beautiful. I love to see them as a couple in the show. They are sweet together. Keep those pictures coming!! :la:
I don't know how I missed this but thank you so much! I'm so glad you think so! And as long as people like them, I'll keep making them. :)
Thanks again for your comment! :glomp:
I just have to say that I'm absolutely amazed by your talent and patience. I have done manips in the past, and ONE takes so long, so I couldn't even imagine doing multiple for an animated gif! You're absolutely amazing! Caryl is such a beautiful pairing, and you really do them justice with your gorgeous artwork. :D :heart:
Aw LASLFDJDLKJf thank you so much!! :blush: That's so sweet of you to say! Yeah, manipping is painstaking and time consuming for sureeeeee! I do them as a hobby, though, so I don't necessarily finish them all in one sitting. I just kinda work away at each frame whenever I feel like doing one. But yes, I don't think I could count the hours I've spent lol. Anyway, thank you thank you thank you for your kind words. :tighthug: I truly appreciate you taking the time to comment! <3
P.S. Have you posted your manips anywhere?? I'd love to see them!!! :glomp:
You're very welcome! I kept seeing your beautiful manips on tumblr, so I had to find you! :D Unfortunately, the forum I did post my manips on is gone, and I'm afraid they got lost when I got a new computer. :( Maybe I'll start making them again, you've really inspired me. :hug:
Aw that's so nice to hear!!! I'd love to see them if you ever post them anywhere! :glomp: Thank you again. <3

thanks for all the great manips. It is always a treat when you releaase a new one. I still ship caryl but think the next four eps are going to be more hard to watch. Love to see Melissa shine as the great actress she is but think she is being set up to fall, like andrea. Hope not and they do owe us at least some caryl

Aw thank so much for all your sweet comments! I haven't been on DA in a few days so I hadn't seen them all! <3 I appreciate you taking the time! <3 So glad you like my manips. :blowkiss:

And aw, let me hug you. :glomp: I do think we're going to have a few more stressful episodes to get through BUT I definitely do not think Carol is being set up to fall bb!! I think she's going to be okay. <3 And I think when she comes back she's going to have a chance to shine. Just hang in there because I think eventually all this horrible waiting will be worth it. I know it sucks waiting forever but I don't think any of these storylines have finished yet. They are apparently dragging it out over the entire 16 episodes, which I personally hate, but I do think by the end of the season we will be able to breathe again.

Just hang in there as best you can. :tighthug: I'll try to keep the manips coming if they make you feel any better! :)
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